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Launching a website is always challenging. It’s especially challenging when the fine product one is selling has over 150 variations, and even more challenging in the midst of a global pandemic. We’d rather not think about the extra screen time our small team has logged over the last few months!


Of course, the hummingbirds don’t care about any of that- they just want a nice feeding station! If you already have one established, you know that hummers are basically unstoppable when they’re on their way to get that nectar.


But what if you don’t have a feeding station established? No worries! Setting up a space for your feeder is not difficult. Here are a few pointers to get started:


  • Consider the time of year. Some hummingbirds migrate, and even the most beautiful and inviting feeding station will go unused if all of the birds have gone on vacation. To learn more about your region, you can check with organizations like The Hummingbird Society or Audubon Society.
  • Pick a spot that is out of reach of common predators, particularly cats. Even if the neighborhood cats aren’t interested in hummers, the little birds will naturally gravitate towards areas that they believe to be safer. Making sure the feeder is high enough off of the ground will help the birds to feel more secure.
  • DON’T USE ANY ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS OR FOOD DYE IN YOUR NECTAR. The red on the bases will be more than sufficient to draw the birds, and food dyes can hurt them.
  • Nearby perches, be they natural or manmade, will make the space more appealing.
  • If the birds don’t find it right away, don’t worry- it may take days or even weeks. But keep it full and clean and once they find it, they’ll keep coming back as long as it’s fresh and full.


Enjoy the show!


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