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At Winship Designs we make beautiful, functional glass hummingbird feeders. We’re glassblowers working in borosilicate glass…laboratory glass. The removable base is in two pieces. These features make it easier to keep our feeders clean and safe. We designed our feeders with a red base so no artificial dyes are necessary.

Our feeders come in several different shapes and colors, with different decorative elements available.  Many possibilities are represented in our photographs and shopping pages but of course each feeder is unique and one of a kind. Your feeder will not be exactly the same as any other.

Hummingbirds are fascinating, entertaining creatures. If you are considering feeding hummingbirds for the first time, we suggest you learn about the hummers in your area:  when they migrate, whether or not they overwinter, and their general habits. Hummingbird watching is a popular pastime and information is readily available. Many hummingbird fans are happy to share information and help you get started. Good Luck